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Verity Properties has established a new standard in Property
Management of commercial properties in Silicon Valley. We offer
our clients full-service Property Management based on each client's
priorities and strategies to ensure the expected return.

We take your investment seriously. Our tailored approach ensures
that you have the most intensive, professional management
available. We have the resources and skills to ensure the highest
level of services, both to the property owners and the tenants.

A portfolio of satisfied customers are happy to tell you about the exemplary service and attention to detail that Verity Properties has become known for.

Our management skills and services include:

  • All aspects of day-to-day property operations, including property inspections, intensive vendor management, systems preventative maintenance

  • Detailed monthly reporting including deep analysis of budget variances

  • Expert and automated common area maintenance (CAM) reconciliation

  • Detailed annual budgeting, timely, in-depth monthly reporting and deep analysis of variances

  • Semi-annual re-forecasting of budgets and property cash flows

  • Lease administration and advice on leasing strategy for operating impact

  • Full-service construction administration of tenant improvements and capital expenditure projects

  • Long term capital forecasting

  • Competitively re-bid building services every three years

  • Ownership liability mitigation through automated tracking of tenant and vendor insurance certificates and expirations

  • We ensure that all entities conducting business on the property carry their own liability at all times.

  • Active tenant retention through property communiqués, special events, and frequent personal interaction

All of this is supported through our state-of-the-art technology:

  • Secure portal for our clients to have 24x7 access to historical reports, forecasts and all property documents, leases, contracts, etc.

  • Advanced, state-of-the-art property accounting, budgeting, forecasting and CAM reconciliation systems

Verity Properties systems are available 24x7 through a high-security portal with data redundancy including continuous, encrypted back-up of all data to multiple secure locations outside of Silicon Valley.

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